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We are Dupal Medical.

We design, manufacture, and supply medical devices. Our goal is to simplify procedures and reduce the risk for both professionals and patients, by creating simple, but effective Medical devices.

Mário Gomes, inventor of the ETTAclamp


Our CTO, Mário Gomes, won the 2022 Value and Excellence Award in the entrepreneurship and innovation category.

Story Coverage

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) kindly covered the full story of the ETTAclamp.

Award badge for Value and Excellence - ETTAclamp, for Endotracheal Tube Clamping
Hand holding an ETT clamping device, ETTAclamp


Endotracheal Tube Clamping

Secure endotracheal tube clamping and enhanced protection against contamination for medical staff and surroundings.

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