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Dupal Medical is an innovative medical device company led by a diverse team. Our mission is to make healthcare more accessible and efficient through the creation of simple yet effective solutions. We’re committed to providing high quality products for both medical staff and patients.

Meet The Team

Lorraine Duarte - CEO - Chief Executive Officer of Dupal Medical

Lorraine Duarte is the CEO of Dupal Medical and an entrepreneur that has successfully grown a new company from the ground up, Dupal UK, which has led to a growth of over 20% each year. 

Lorraine Duarte

Chief Executive Officer

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Mário Gomes - Chief Medical Officer

In 1996 he started as an engineering student at the Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa and ended up graduating in Nursing in 2003 at the Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Artur Ravara, developing his clinical activity in the area of ​​critically ill patients, anesthesia and surgery in the operating room. Postgraduate in Health Unit Management by INDEG/ISCTE. Coordinator and professor of university postgraduate courses in the area of ​​health, emergency and critically ill patients since 2006 at ISLA. Trainer in international certifications in the area of ​​trauma and emergency. Since 2015, he has also been dedicated to the coordination of air and land transport of critically ill patients for some national and European entities, as well as the coordination and operationalization of medical safety devices for large sporting events. Since 2016, he has been Co-Responsible for the Training Aptitude Structure and a member of the regional nursing council of the Portuguese nurses' order. Since early 2021 he has been invited to join DUPAL Medical UK as Associate Director of Product Development. Distinguished with the 2022 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award by the Portuguese Nurses Order.

Mário Gomes

Chief Medical Officer

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Pedro Duarte - Chief Operating Officer

Pedro has over 20 years of experience leading successful businesses, with 9 years as director and co-founder of Dupal UK.

Pedro Duarte

Chief Operating Officer

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Tiago Carita - Chief Technical Officer

Tiago Carita is a designer and fabricator with 20 years of experience in 3D Design and 10 years of experience in CAD/CAM 3D Software (Inventor, Fusion 360, or Solidworks). He has worked on multiple projects where he has conceived, designed, and prototyped several hard mechanical parts and storage solutions in different media.

Tiago Carita

Chief Technical Officer

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Pedro Lopes - Chief Design Officer

Pedro has 23 years of experience in communication, branding, graphic, video, and product design and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the medical field. He has a Professional technical course in communication and graphic design from EPSM, and a digital media course from the school of innovation and creation technologies in Lisbon Portugal. (ETIC).

Pedro Lopes

Chief Design Officer

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