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ALiCE® Plant-Based Technology: Accelerating Vaccine Production by Weeks

Plant-based vaccine and bottle with needle
Vaccine bottle with needle

Scientists in Germany are pioneering a groundbreaking approach to vaccine manufacturing by leveraging the protein production capabilities of plant cell extracts, aiming to revolutionize medical responses, particularly during outbreaks.

The ALiCE® Technology 

LenioBio GmbH, a biotech company based in Düsseldorf, is exploring the potential of their innovative technology in producing vaccine proteins for clinical trials. This technology, known as ALiCE® (Almost Living Cell-Free Expression), utilizes the protein synthesis machinery found in plant cells to rapidly generate proteins in a 'cell-free' reaction, accelerating vaccine production by weeks.

Accelerating Vaccine Production by Weeks

Compared to traditional methods, such as cell cultures, ALiCE® significantly reduces the time required for protein production, potentially accelerating vaccine development processes. The research aims to assess ALiCE®'s ability to facilitate the swift production of vaccine candidates.

Aligning with Global Initiatives 

The initiative aligns with global initiatives like the 100 Days Mission, aimed at developing vaccines within 100 days of identifying new pathogens.

CEPI's Perspective Ingrid Kromann 

CEPI’s Acting Executive Director, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, highlights the potential of ALiCE® to transform outbreak responses, emphasizing its role in expediting the transition of vaccine candidates into clinical trials.

Accessibility and Global Health Impact 

Furthermore, ALiCE®'s user-friendly nature makes it suitable for deployment in remote or resource-limited areas, bringing vaccines closer to communities in need. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to advancing medical research and providing rapid access to essential medicines for global health security.

In conclusion, the ALiCE® technology represents a revolutionary approach to vaccine manufacturing, harnessing plant-based protein production to accelerate vaccine development. With its rapid production capabilities, ALiCE® has the potential to transform outbreak response efforts, aligning with global initiatives like the 100 Days Mission. As research progresses, ALiCE® stands poised to shape the future of vaccine production, offering hope for faster, more accessible vaccines worldwide.


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