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What is the ETTAclamp?

The ETTAclamp is designed to provide a reliable and effective clamp on the Endotracheal tube, ensuring a tight seal and preventing any potential leakage of air or fluids. It is specifically engineered to enhance infection control measures and minimize the risk of cross-contamination during medical procedures involving intubation. Made of medical grade POM (Polyoxymethylene) and Silver additives, its antibacterial properties not only prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms but also contribute to maintaining a sterile environment in critical care settings. 

ETT (Endotracheal Tube) clamping device, made of medical grade POM (Polyoxymethylene) and Silver additive

How it Functions

The ETTAclamp is made of two distinct parts: the clamp itself and the Quad. The Endotracheal Tube (ETT) passes through the clamp, and the quad is adjusted according to the pressure needed. The quad will add more or less pressure depending on what position it's set to. For the intubation process, the ETTAclamp has a built in 5 mm ostium to accommodate the intubating stylet. This feature allows for easy insertion and removal of the stylet during intubation, enhancing the overall efficiency of the procedure.

Watch the instructional video here >

ETT (Endotracheal Tube) clamping device parts

Simple to Use

The device is designed to be lightweight and user-friendly, ensuring that it does not disrupt the natural alignment of the ETT during intubation and allowing healthcare professionals to easily incorporate it into their intubation procedures. 

COVID-19 Patients and Medical Staff

Due to the potential for viral particles to become airborne during these procedures. The ETTAclamp not only provides a secure seal, but it also reduces the dispersion of aerosols, further protecting healthcare workers from potential exposure to the virus. 

Strong Grip

The ETTAclamp is designed to provide a reliable and effective clamp on the Endotracheal tube, preventing any unwanted de-clamping, ensuring a tight seal, and preventing any potential leakage of air or fluids.

Perfect Size for ETT

There are two versions of the ETTAclamp suitable for endotracheal tubes: from sizes 6 to 8.5 for the adult version and from 3.5 to 6 for the pediatric version.

Anti Microbial Medical Grade Device

The antimicrobial additive in the medical grade POM material helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, ensuring a higher level of hygiene. This extra protection is particularly important in medical settings, where cross-contamination can be a concern. 

Green is Better

The ETTAclamp uses fully recyclable materials that can be easily processed by recycling facilities. This ensures that the ETTAclamp has a minimal impact on the environment and promotes sustainable waste management practices. 

ETTAclamp, Adult and Paediatric versions, for Endotracheal Tube Clamping (ETT)

Two Different Models

The ETTAclamp is designed to securely seal the endotracheal tubes within the desired size range. It is important to choose the appropriate size ETTAclamp based on the patient's anatomical requirements. There are two ETTAclamp sizes Available. One for Endotracheal Tubes from sizes 6 to 8.5 and a smaller pediatric version for Endotracheal Tubes from 3.5 to 6.

ETTAclamp, for Endotracheal Tube Clamping (ETT)

Protection against cross-contamination for medical personnel and their surroundings

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Hand holding a Endotracheal Tube with the ETTAclamp Clamping the Endotracheal Tube


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Instructional Video Available

ETTAclamp Won the 2022 Value and Excellence Award. See The Video Here.

Award badge for Value and Excellence - ETTAclamp, for Endotracheal Tube Clamping
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The Creator - Mário Gomes - Senior ICU Nurse and CTO at Dupal Medical

The Creator

"My belief and professional experience is that this technique for clamping the ETT will change the way airway management is done in the post-pandemic period, whether internally in the hospital (infected patients in the ICU, operating theatre, emergency room, etc.) or externally, where uncertainty is always a factor to be considered. It will probably soon be considered necessary or standard equipment for careful airway management."

Mario Gomes (Senior ICU Nurse)

Instructions for the ETTAclamp are available for download


English Version

ETTAclamp Instructions



German Version

ETTAclamp Instructions



Spanish Version

ETTAclamp Instructions



French Version

ETTAclamp Instructions


Instructions for the ETTAclamp medical device are available in English, French, German and Spanish. Please ensure you read the instructions carefully before using the device. If you require any further assistance, please contact us for support.

Instructions for the ETTAclamp available for download

The ETTA device is an enormous asset in the management of the suspected patient of COVID pathology in terms of approach in the prehospital environment. The possibility of sealing makes the environment safer for the team, also allowing the transport of the critical patient to the hospital unit more secure in terms of airway management in this type of patient.

Pedro Caldeira

Pedagogical and Emergency Services Director

I used the EndoTracheal Tube Aid Clamp (ETTAclamp) to approach a patient with cardiopulmonary arrest in an extra-hospital environment. It is used with the objective of increasing the team`s protection against respiratory infections during the approach of the airway, even when approaching the difficult airway, as it allows the use of “conductors” of the orotracheal tube (TOT), guarantees a total and safe clamping of the TOT.

José Luís Pires dos Santos

Nurse at Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the "ETTAclamp" device contained the spread of the virus and protected healthcare workers during intubation of respiratory failure patients. As a rehabilitation nurse in an intensive care unit, I strongly recommend all medical professionals to use the "ETTAclamp" for its numerous advantages in maximizing worker safety against COVID-19.

Joaquim Augusto Ferreira Simões

Master in Nursing/Enf. UCI Expert/Nur. Rehabilitation Nursing Specialist

The size associated with the weight and ease of use makes it an essential tool for approaching the airway in any situation. I believe that the ETTAclamp should be part of any emergency, airway or anesthesia cart. Clinical advantages are; prevents alveolar derecruitment, decreases the risk of contamination by aerosolization, and prevents staff from being polluted in situations of alveolar flooding such as EAP, bronchoalveolar hemorrhage and severe thoracic trauma. I consider this device should always be present when approaching the airway, regardless of the location or clinical situation.

José Alexandre

Head Chief Nurse

In emergency and intensive care, as in other areas of care, it is imperative to take care of the safety of professionals. It is not by chance that in basic and advanced life support algorithms the assessment of security conditions is the first step. The strengthening of the safety conditions of the entire team during endotracheal intubation is the use of ETTA Clamp, in any environment (extra-hospital, emergency room, intensive care or operating block).

Marco Job Batista

Specialist Nurse in Medical-Surgical Nursing

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